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Chopper Read is a well known Criminal in Australia.
After Spending over half his life behind bars, he has Given that life up to tell the public about his life expieriences.
Chopper did Spoken word shows around Australia with Mark "Jacko" Jackson and the occasional guest star. eg: Roger Rogerson, The Jackal, The Hippy. After some Drama with Jacko Taking more of his share of earnings, Chopper Moved onto other shows which he is currently doing now.

I Became a Fan  of Chopper a few Years ago after seeing the Movie and Reading a bit of his first Book.
Now, Im a Huge Fan and collector of his Items.
I Currently have all his Books Signed and Various other things.
My Interest in Chopper I cant really explain, Only that he is a graet bloke, which I have met 3 times so far.
This site is to enlighten you on Chopper, For those who know him, know of him, and dont know him.
Please feel free to email me any pictures and storys you may have and I can publish  a page for you here.
Take a look around...... oh yea and "get your ears off!"



"Never Plead Guilty"

Created by she_devil_vamp 2005