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Chopper From the Inside
Mark Brandon Read is the son of a strict seventh Day Adventist mother and a war stressed soldier who slept with a loaded gun at his side.  Bullied at school, he grew up dreaming of revenge, determined to be the toughest in any company.  He became a crime commando who terrorised drug dealers, pimps, thieves and armed robbers on the streets and in jail - but boasts he never hurt an innocent member of the public.  From street fighter to standover man, gunman to underworld executioner, he has been earmarked for death a dozen times but has lived to tell the tale. 
This is it.


Chopper 2: Hits and Memories
Mark Brandon Read - Chopper to his friends - has become a cult figure across the world. An underworld executioner and notorious criminal, when Chopper was first released from prison he vowed he would never return. Six months later he was back in jail writing this second instalment of his memoir.


Chopper 3: How to Shoot Friends & Influence People
Mark Brandon Read, known to his friends and enemies alike as "Chopper", has spent more than 17 years in prison and has a reputation for violence earned in a blood-spattered career as a streetfighter, standover man, gunman and underworld executioner. He has been shot, stabbed, hit with a claw hammer and nearly kicked to death. In "Chopper 3", Read reveals more stories from the underworld, bringing his humour and sharp eye to bear on prison life, brutality, corruption and the warped code of the values of the criminal fraternity.


Chopper 4: For the term of his Unnatural Life
Read reveals more of the stories from the underworld. He brings his unique humour and sharp eye to bear on prison life, brutality, corruption and the warped code of the values of the criminal fraternity.


Chopper 5: Pulp Faction
In this, his fifth collection of shocking exploits, Mark Brandon 'Chopper' Read tells more of his astonishing tales of violence and murder with a unique black humour that has made him the most popular criminal today. He candidly and hilariously discusses his notorious life as one of the toughest criminals on the planet. He gives us his insights on the 'psychology of fear' that rules the criminal lifestyle and recounts tales of an array of gangs and criminals Written at the time of the Chopper film release, he reveals his thoughts on the media frenzy and whirlwind of attention created by his success. Hot on the heels of the previous Chopper instalments, Chopper 5 continues the bestselling phenomenon that has made Chopper such an icon.


Chopper 6: No Tears for a Tough Guy
Still in jail while writing this book "Chopper" Read writes of the inner city backstreets that were his stomping ground for 25 years. Only a man who lived where the law means nothing can take the reader into a sub-culture of violence and betrayal


Chopper 7: The Singing Defective
"Chopper" Read wrote this book while in prison for shooting a former friend in the stomach in 1992. Read launched a 5 year battle to get his prison status changed from "dangerous" offender to a lesser degree so that he could eventually be released. In 1997 his status was changed and he was eligible for parole, BUT unbelievably, he stayed in prison for several more months so that he could emerge from prison as a totally free man with no parole conditions!


Chopper 8: The Sicillian Defence
Standover man "Chopper" Read is released from prison and outrages politicians, civil libertarians and literary critics. He appears drunk on national TV, and is charged with firearms offences. He raises chooks and turkeys and continues to write his wild stories


Chopper 9: The Final Cut
Chopper tells the true stories of buried bodies and guns, buried money and truths. Only one man who's been on the inside tells it like it is about the hitmen, the bikie wars, and the drug syndicates.


Chopper 10 & 1/2: The Popcorn Gangster
Chopper tells more **true**stories of blood money, slaughter, and shark bait. His last, and his best so far!


The Adventures of Rumsley Rumsfelt
An "adults-only" fairytale! Chopper says his book is "a rather rude yarn about a shy young lad having sex on a cattle yard fence".


Hooky the Cripple
every facing page is illustrated by Adam Cullen with "GORY" pics!!!!! VERY graphic language!!!!!!!! If you are a Chopper Read fan, you will have to get this book even though it is only a small book, it "packs a punch"
A Story about a Hunchback who triumphs.
"I Bring you Greetings...."


Chopper With his Book "Rumsley Rumsfelt"

"Never Plead Guilty"

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